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tv   Newsline 30min  KCSMMHZ  October 2, 2012 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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japan controls the territory. china and taiwan claim it. the chinese embassy in pakistan ran the full-page ad tuesday in pakistan's daily times. it accompanied a message by chinese ambassador to pakistan liu jian celebrating friendship between china and pakistan. the ad referred to the islands by its chinese name. it also said the u.s. and japan crafted back room deals to give the japanese government administrative control over senkaku. it calls the alleged agreement illegal and invalid. the government-controlled "china daily" ran similar advertisements last week in "the new york times" and "the washington post." japanese officials launched a protest against the newspapers for printing the ads. the foreign minister koichiro gemba has indicated japanese authorities will increase their efforts to assert their position on the islands to the international community.
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>> something like information warfare is under way. we need to appeal to the international community even though the status of our country on the island does not change. >> gemba added the japanese government sees no dispute over their sovereignty. and the latest standoff at sea around the senkaku islands is over. four chinese patrol ships left japanese territorial waters. they entered the area earlier in the day and navigated there for several hours. japan coast guard crews spotted the marine surveillance vessels at midday about 22 kilometers southwest of one of the senkaku islands. officers say all the chinese ships left by early evening. they noticed the boats monday lingering just outside japanese waters. coast guard crews have tracked more than ten chinese patrol ships near senkaku since mid-september. this is the third time the vessels entered japan's maritime territory.
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an expert on american foreign policy and east asian affairs says the u.s. government is deeply concerned about the hostility over the dispute between japan and china. jeffrey bader served as a senior adviser to president obama for two years. >> no one in the united states, you know, less in japan and i hope in china wants to see shots fired over three or four uninhabited rocks in the east china sea. as long as we're concentrating on the sovereignty issue, we're probably not going to get anywhere. on the other hand, the resource issues can be addressed separately, without regard to sovereignty. >> bader says the u.s. government doesn't intend to mediate. he called on both sides to refrain from any action that could be considered a provocation. he argued the violent protests in china against japan's nationalization of the islands were counterproductive, unwise, and damaging to china itself.
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>> it made china look like an aggrieved third-world country that was not acting like an international community. >> japanese leaders say their claim to the senkaku islands dates back to 1895. chinese officials maintain their country was forced to give up the territory after losing the sino-japanese war. the philippines and vietnam have appealed to the international community for a peaceful and legal resolution to the south china sea issue. china wasn't mentioned by name in their speeches to the u.n. general assembly. even so, both countries were clearly calling for support as they resist the spreading influence of asia's rising power. philippine secretary of foreign affairs albert dell rosario usualed countries involved to quickly agree on a legally binding code of conduct to ease tensions. >> to address this challenge and to arrive at a durable
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resolution, we must rely on the rule of law and not the force of arms. we must rely on the body of rules that state the dispute must be resolved peacefully. >> vietnam's deputy minister of foreign affairs resisted china's demands that the disputes be resolved through bilateral negotiations. he called on asean countries to work together. >> we should recognize the increasingly important role of negotiations. asean continues to play a central role in the regional architecture and promotes peace, stability, and security in the region including the south china sea. >> an important asean meeting in july broke up without a joint communique. the group failed to agree on how some member nations should
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resolve their disputes with china. cambodia's position was apparently influenced by its close economic relationship with china. the world bank says 200 million people around the globe are without jobs due in part to the impact of europe's debt crisis. 40% of them are age 24 or younger. bank officials have released the 2013 world development report. they say these 200 million people are unoemployed despite their active efforts to look for work. the officials are especially worried about spain where unemployment among young people topped 50% this year. they say that considering potential population growth 600 million more jobs than in 2005 need to be created by 2020 to keep global employment constant. world bank officials are calling on governments to make further
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efforts to create jobs. they noted that the world jobs situation hasn't regained the level seen before 2008 global financial crisis. australia's central bank has decided to cut its key interest rate for the third time this year to shore up the economy. the reserve bank of australia is worried about the fallout from slowing growth in the world. the rba decided on tuesday to lower the benchmark rate by 0.25 percentage points to 3.25% effective on wednesday. over the past five mos, it has cut the rate by a total of one percentage point. in a statement, governor glen stevens expressed concerns about the effects of austerity programs in europe and slower growth in china, which is australia's major iron ore importer. he said the country's labor market has softened somewhat and that its growth outlook for next year has become a little weaker.
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the u.s. federal reserve chief says he'll keep pumping money into the economy. chairman ben bernanke says this round of quantitative easing will continue until he sees an improvement in the job situation. >> we would continue securities purchases and employ other policy tools until the outlook for the job market improves substantially in a context of price stability. >> bernanke said the country's economy is improving but not fast enough to reduce unemployment. fed officials decided last month on another round of quantitative easing. it involves purchases of additional mortgage-backed securities at a rate of $40 billion a month. managers at mitsubishi motors's subsidiaries say things are getting back to normal. maruti suzuki's sales are on the rise nearly three months after a
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riot shut down production at its factory in northern india. the managers say the company sold nearly 94,000 cars in september, up almost 10% from the same month last year. it's also an improvement compared to august when the firm suffered a 40% decline in sales. operators of the company's man sur plant closed the facility after a riot killed one indian executive. management fired more than 500 workers who were involved in the incident. operations resumed on august 21st. despite the increase in sales, production is still only about 70% of what it was before the riot. officials at maruti suzuki say they will boost output to normal levels by the end of october. they're aiming to hold onto their top position in the country's auto market. technology has changed our daily lives fundamentally over the past century and more. who can now imagine life without
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electric light bulbs or more recently smartphones? to answer the question of what the next technological game maker might be, we went to one of japan's largest home electronics shows. nhk world's ta mow coca mata gives us the inside line. >> reporter: more than 600 companies are participating in this exhibition at a site near tokyo. major japanese electronics firms such as sony are presenting their latest products at the show which began on tuesday. visitors are interested. this is what walking may look like in the future. just a slight hand pressure of
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my hand. electronics manufacturer murata has a small company that specializes in devices to assist the elderly and infirm. nearly a quarter of the japanese population is now over 65 years of age. there's a growing market for products for the elderly, and manufacturers are becoming increasingly innovative. >> translator: i think the senior market will expand as the numbers of older people increases. there's also demand in europe, the u.s. and other developed countries. >> reporter: this product supporters the wearer's joints and muscles. this man can easily carry more than 50 kilograms. the suit makers say they developed it to help older people working in manual jobs.
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many newer blood pressure monitors contain embedded remote communication devices. this allows them to instantly transfer data to smartphones or computers. the idea is to provide up-to-the-minute information to users and their doctors. many japanese electronics manufacturers are facing their greatest ever challenge amidst declining sales. they're trying to survive by turning japan's aging society into an opportunity to meet the needs of an expanding new old market. tomoko kamata, nhk world. here are the latest market figures. ♪
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syria's foreign minister blasted nations he accused of backing rebel forces in his country. walid al moualem said the u.n. and other can countries are supporting terrorism even though it's something they launched wars to fight against. >> translator: we see members of the u.n. security council and other countries are supporting terrorism in my country. walid al moualem's accusations
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are aimed at the united states and france, two permanent security council members. he also blames quatar, saudi arabia and turkey for encouraging and supporting terrorists. he said nations are providing money and foreign fighters and he says as a result thousands of syrians have died. u.s. president barack obama and other world leaders have used annual the u.n. general assembly to call for an end to the regime of syrian president bashar al assad. walid al moualem described that as blatant interference in syria's domestic affairs. north korea's vice foreign minister used a podium at the united nations conference to announce a change of course. pak kil-yon said his country wants to build relations with other countries. he said the united states should change what he called its hostile stance. >> translator: first secretary kim jong-un has opened a door to a new era. we will forge relations with
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countries that are friendly with us without being bound by the pass. >> north korean officials failed in april to launch what they called a satellite-carrying rocket. the leaders of other countries believe they were trying to test ballistic missile technology. pak accused the u.s. of forcing the security council to condemn the launch. pak said the only way to bring peace to the korean peninsula is for the u.s. to end its hostile policy. and he accused south korean president lee myung-bak of causing inter-korean relations to hit rock bottom. people in japan's northeast are focused on overcoming the challenges of the 2011 disaster. but it won't be easy. they have to rebuild homes, businesses, entire communities. we'll show you their struggles and their successes on "the road ahead," every wednesday at 1:00 p.m. japan time here on "newsline." japanese researchers are using an unmanned helicopter to measure radiation around the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant. no detailed studies have been
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conduct sod far as aircraft aren't allowed to fly within three kilometers of the facility. the survey started in futenma town about two kilometers from the plant. the helicopter can cover a one-kilometer-square area in two hours. it can fly over mountains and forests, which are difficult to access. the drone flies at an altitude of between 30 to 100 meters so it has the advantage of accurately determining the locations of so-called radiation hotspots. data is transmitted to a computer and plotted on a color-coded map showing radiation levels. the researchers plan to compile a report by the end of the month. and while scientists in japan scour the skies for traces of radiation, they're also getting ready to take readings on the ground. they're about to begin a long-term study to attract the fallout from fukushima daiichi. they're aiming to learn about the potential impact on the population.
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researchers plan to begin their work late thermo. they'll study forests within 20 kilometers of the nuclear plant. government officials have designated most of the area a no-entry zone. the researchers will look at rivers that collect spring water from underground. they'll measure the levels of radioactive cesium and other substances in soil and water for about 20 years. they hope to predict how the contaminants spread and the impact those substances could have on human habitants. foreign business people have long been attracted to opportunities in china. now it's universities and colleges. they see opportunity in the millions of chinese students eager for a foreign education. nhk world's michitaka yamaka reports. >> reporter: more than a thousand young people from around china gather at a hotel in beijing.
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they are students attending an open house. more than 40 of them. >> i want to enroll in a prestigious american university because the quality is high. >> eventually for undergraduate students, and this is one of the main goals is to recruit more undergraduate students. >> reporter: many chinese state of the unions are keen on setting up foreign universities, and if they can, make it overseas to study. overseas universities are coming to them. for example, the missouri state university, a u.s. institution,
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has a campus. >> at what temperature does water freeze? what would you tell me? >> reporter: chinese students of the famed degrees of the university students in the u.s. more than 2,000 chinese have graduated from here since classes started six years ago. li xinyi hopes to join them. she's a senior studying busiss administration and accounting. li comes from inland china. she achieved excellent grades in high school and was especially skilled in english. but due to lack of finances, li had to abandon the degree. she now says she hopes to pursue
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her goals at this u.s. university in china. studying at a top american university has always been her dream. >> translators: nowadays many firms are opposing offices here. i hope studying at this university will boost my chances of getting a job at a foreign company. >> the university's graduate students have started joint research with top 11 students from 12 other universities and with such organizations in china. the graduate school hopes this will help it enhance its academic reputation. then corporations and the state of missouri might give money to the school. >> we will have more chinese students. again, like i said, we're looking to expand our program within the very near future.
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chinese students are the key to our program, to the success of our program, absolutely. >> reporter: a chinese education specialist predicts more foreign universities will set up in china. >> translator: with more and more foreign companies doing business in china, there's a growing need for chinese workers who know how foreigners do things. getting on the bandwagon, more and more u.s. and european universities will open branches in china recruiting students. >> reporter: western universities looking for prospective students are making inroads in china. as more of these institutions set up, they will compete for china's top students. michitaka yamaka, nhk world, beijing. nhk is being honored for keeping the world informed
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moment by moment as disaster struck japan. the broadcaster has won an international emmy award in the news category for its coverage of the march 11th, 2011, earthquake and tsunami. >> and the emmy goes to "great east japan earth quake emergency news." nhk. >> nhk was one of four nominees. it began live coverage moments after the massive earthquake struck northeastern japan. helicopters and remotely controlled cameras filmed as the events unfolded. nhk's urged people in coastal areas to flee the approaching tsunami. >> we worked to help many in the prefectures. >> the international emmys are specifically for programs produced outside the united states. the new york-based international academy of television, art, and
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sciences oversees the awards. its members include about 500 media and entertainment companies. for an update on the weather forecast, here's mai shoji. mai? indeed, it is the typhoon season, but one after another we have storms coming in. we have a couple of storms to talk about. let's start off with this one. this is the tropical storm maliksi. it is moving towards the islands. throughout the day tomorrow, the islands will be affected due to this storm and it will be intensifying into a secure tropical storm status by wednesday evening. from the afternoon, actually, it will be around this region, so it will be quickly moving away. maliksi is a fast-moving system. it will be picking up its pace tomorrow. but the ting that this will be doing is it will be enhancing the stationary boundary, which is just south of the eastern coast of the toho ka region.
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due to that earn jized stationary front, thunderstorms will be affecting the eastern region especially and some heavy down tour pours to be looking out for. another storm is the kami over the south china sea. this is affecting the philippines with heavy downpours accumulating. 57 milliliters have been found in the luzon region in the past 24 hours. more rain is welcome, but an undecisive one here. it's lingering for the next of the workweek and picking up its pace, maybe moving towards the west and possibly making landfall in central vietnam. already packing winds of 65 kilometers per hour. looks like this will be here for quite some time. now, let's head over to the european continent. another storm to talk about here. it's tropical storm nadine. we've been talking about this nadine for almost 20 days now. it has been lingering over the atlantic ocean now, but moving towards the azores islands, decreased intensity of a
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tropical storm status. it used to be a hurricane. and it will be continuing to decrease its intensity, but do watch out for the rip currents and the storm surges as it approaches those islands. up towards the north here in the european continent, we have a very huge atlantic storm system that will be creating gusty conditions as well as very heavy downpours towards the british isles and the scandinavian peninsula. out towards the balkans, we have a heavy rainmaker that could accumulate as much as 40 milliliters in the next 24 hour, but west towards the central regions looking pretty fine. the temperatures are fine, as well. vien vienna, 22 degrees, madrid looking at 25, but athens looking at 34, still summer-like there. moving over to the americas there, one tornado report was found here in south carolina. this is the storm system that is still here in the mid-atlantic and the associated cold front still sags down into the florida peninsula. and that's going to be creating some severe thunderstorms. out towards the north, these reold arctic air will be
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pulling in descending towards the south. so the canadian prairies and the northern plains, you'll be finding some snow. maybe the first snow of the season, actually, maybe 20 centimeters of accumulation to be found in the higher elevations. now let's take a look at your temperatures. things are still very summer-like here in los angeles. at 34 degrees. that's going to be dropping to your single digits on your thursday. do watch out for that. now taking a look at this, this will prove it actually is autumn. autumn is here across much of the northern hemisphere. actually a very, very huge pumpkin weighing over a thousand kilograms. ron wallace's record-breaking effort won him first place many-in this contest, and he took home $65,000 for this gigantic vegetable. on that note, here's your extended forecast.
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we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
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